Welcome to Curiocity! Where we seek to understand culture creators in Indianapolis. Today we are stoked to have Ryan McCarty on the podcast. Ryan is a force for good in this strange world. He is the co-author of the book, Build a Culture of Good which tells the story of Ryan and Scott and how they were able to develop a “culture of good” while building a more profitable company.

“Culture of Good is a culture change resulting from a deep-seated desire to do more good in the world. What began as a movement at TCC, with 3,000 employees and 800 wireless retail locations across the United States, to do good by including employees and customers has grown into its own company to teach others to build their own Culture of Good. Four years and millions of donated items, volunteer hours and dollars later, our employees are bringing their souls to work every single day. They make an impact beyond the four walls of our stores. They do more than serve our customers. They want to serve the communities in which we conduct business. Together, we are impacting our business and communities in remarkable ways. And, we realized that we could build business by doing good.”

If you want to learn more head to their website: Culture of Good

In this podcast we go deep into Ryan’s life. We speak about the importance of resiliency in one’s life and how to develop that resiliency. Ryan has been through the ringer in his life, but he hasn’t let that stop him. He strives to be a force for good in this world and we go through how you can too. As usual, we speak about great restaurants, breweries etc in Indianapolis.

Some quotes I loved from Ryan:

"The shittiest stuff has the potential to decide who you become."

"You have to make a conscious choice on a daily basis."

"Your story is so uniquely you -- it is the one thing in this world that is only yours."

"Big Money Follows Big Vision"

"Your story is so uniquely you - it is the one thing in this world that is only yours."

Hit Ryan up at or in Fountain Square, Indianapolis:

His website: cultureofgood.com

On instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cultureofgood/

Thank you for listening and learning about Indianapolis with me. If you are new here, check out some of our other shows. We had an amazing interview with Aman Brar founder of Canvas and was president of Apparatus as they went through a 34 Million dollar acquisition. If you want to learn about brewing beer and the importance of quality head to our conversation with David Waldman, founder of Triton Brewery. If you are more spiritually inclined check out our conversation with Anne Williamson the founder of, The Wayfinding



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